Host your own Radicale CalDAV and CardDAV

Suddenly started to block all incoming email from my domains (i forwarded).
After GMail, now outlook failed to be a trusted cloudbased service.
Since a lot of email was being bounced I needed to resolve the issue asap by hosting my own dovecot imap (following my own guide ^^ see other blog posts).
But what about my contacts and calendar? I liked the way my email integrated this. On OSX for example I need to have the contacts in the ‘contact’ app to function with the, keeping them on would seperate the two.
So I discovered Radicale, a simple Cal and CardDAV server.

Here is a quick guide to setting up and securing Radicale behind nginx and https and getting things working on iOS and OSX:

Easy IKEv2 strongSwan VPN for iOS

Using a VPN on your mobile devices, especially on public hotspots, should be mandatory.
If you are going to run your own VPN server OpenVPN is the way to go (expecially on Linux) but on iOS (and OSX, Windows, Android..) this will need a client App to run properly.
I noticed all platforms do support IPSec based solutions and according to some articles IKEv2 isn’t so bad (if you use strongswan, the opensource solution).
But setting it up isn’t as straightforward as setting up an openvpn server.. so after some research and trail and error I came to these basic steps to get up and running almost as fast as setting up an openvpn server.

Mac Pro Early-2008

I’m a developer with a pretty nice PC (2600k@4.5Ghz, 16GB DDR3, GTX 970) but there was this big problem:

I was always working on my Macbook Pro at the dining table..

The reasons?

Yes it is possible to do this on my PC, but when you get everything working on Windows (CMD?) and you are already ~20 years used to a Unix environment it’s not as .. productive.
And Yes you can install Linux or FreeBSD etc.. on the PC, but Unix + Desktop has never been my favorite workflow for many reasons.
Also, I needed to do a lot of testing on my iPhone (for apps) and you need a Mac (XCode) for that too.

So browsing some ebay and other online marketplaces I noticed someting ‘desktopisch’ like the Mac Mini was still quite expensive and I also needed more power than my Macbook Pro 13”. The budget was around 400 Euro’s.
Then I noticed the retired Mac Pro…